Why Prep for Photos?

Home buyers start their search online so it's very important to make a great first impression!

Have you ever walked into a builder model home? Everything is clean, perfect and in it's place. That's what your house should look like on the day of photos and everyday afterwards until you get an offer.  



  • Clean the entire house! Vacuum carpet, Mop hard floors, Dust Ceiling Fans/TV's

  • Turn all lights and lamps on to make sure all lights are working. Replace burned out bulbs.

  • Use bulbs of the same type(All compact fluorescent or LED)

  • Remove personal items/photos 

  • Remove All clutter

  • Make all Beds/Add Colorful Pillows


Exterior Front(This is the first photo the buyer sees)

  • Clean up Landscaping

  • Remove empty flower pots

  • Remove visible hoses

  • Add Flowers/Pillows to chairs. Red flowers and pillows pop!

Back Yard

  • Pillows/cushions should be fresh not faded

  • Clean pool

  • Remove pool vacuum/pool cleaning supplies

  • Remove visible water hoses

  • Remove trash cans

  • Clean porch/patio/tables/chairs


  • Clear counters

  • Remove magnets from fridge

  • Remove trash cans

  • Remove dishes from sink

  • Place a bowl of fresh lemons on kitchen counter

Dining Room

  • Set table for dinner

  • Feature nice center piece

  • Remove child seats

  • Straighten all chairs

Family Room

  • Remove Clutter

  • Clean Fireplace and re-paint if needed

  • Add colorful/nice pillows

Master and other Bedrooms

  • Make bed with decorative pillows

  • Clear nightstands of personal items

  • Remove all phone and tablet chargers

  • Clean under bed and remove items that might poke out


  • Clear counters completely

  • Remove floor mats

  • Add Fresh White Towels

  • Add Fresh flowers

  • Clean Mirrors/No Streaks

  • Remove all items from tub and shower


  • Remove food, water, pet beds

  • Remove pet hair from floor and furniture

  • Place pets in garage or in a crate out of sight

  • Remove pet droppings from the back yard

  • Remove cat litter boxes